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What do you all think? The real issue is either GA is a cowardly hypocrite running back in the closet after she played the publicity game and lost.

Wishful thinking of Xphiles or true I wonder? Martha Grahamdancer and choreographer regarded as one of the foremost pioneers of modern dance. Also, I recall atleast one interview in which he slagged off Gillian. Lesbian porn aggressive. Tea leoni lesbian. R, the X Files, when she was supposedly hooking up with all those women, was decades ago. I'm not here for a morality lesson. She quit her well paying job to stay home with us kids so my dad could pursue his career, which required long hours. Please, that wasn't herself,she was drunk.

They have three kids. Gillian fell down the stairs late one night at her London townhouse a few years ago. Go easy on Helen.

They followed the rehab announcement with a statement they separated. Nude spanish lesbians. Carl Tillmanns MFA '76". She was working on a TV series for a few years in the late 90s and she only basically did a movie a year after they were born. I love Led Zeppelin. I guess "middle age" depends on how long she plans to live. Given what limited information people have on you, we have to take comments at face value. The second time we see Kat, she saunters into the State Department wearing a black and white patterned button down, untucked, with her signature chain, a red pocket square, a black suit coat and tie.

And, was costing the network about a million dollars an episode. She admits that has been unable to get the Russian foreign minister to sign off on their new large mammal plan. Perhaps she's more of a train wreck in the latter half. He talked about the wires that were connected to his genitals, being electrocuted until he confessed and gave up the names of his gay friends. She doesn't even know the bitch. She's so good in "Spanglish".

I thought she was drunk too. Nude pics in public. IF all of the rumors are true about her past sexual relationships with Hollywood stars is true, then why is Gillian so adamant that her same-sex trysts were decades ago?

This moment with Kat burns even brighter because she is a bisexual character being played by an out bisexual actress, Sara Ramirez, who has already portrayed the longest running queer character on network televisionbisexual Dr. Anybody with logic, rather than your emotional outbursts for "poor Gillian", would see that there are pieces fitting together here, and the story is looking more legitimate all the time. Her smile — it ripped right into my heart. You seem far more interested in siding with people complaining about gossip than discussing it.

This Elisha Jade "rumour" all started here on the DL in the last thread about Gillian when some "insider" posted about it, right?

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Are they really divorced?

She chuckles deep from her belly, warm and satisfied. Two milf sex. Are you following us on Facebook?

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I doubt Gillian was sleeping with her for her personality, so I can only surmise she's got equally terrible taste in women. The funny thing about that is that the Gillian Defense Brigade's narrative -- "oh she only had a couple of affairs decades ago with women" -- is imploding on the tabloid stage. Tea leoni lesbian. He's thinking of retiring early just to get out of it but then he would lose his awesome pay cheque every month. It's easy to subscribe and unsubscribe when you want to.

For news and discussion of the entertainment industry. R93 - through a good amount of and most of Don't forget the new queue! Seems to fit here. He couldn't keep up with the payments and ended up with an arrest warrant in Canada so he couldn't go back there. I will save my rant about that for another day. I can't tell if it's the big expressive eyes, the killer smile, the big brain or the to-die-for delts that make Jennifer Beals so unreasonably hot.

DD is a dick. Japanese big tits video. We are just going about our days, and then you look up and something has shifted. I think it should be for a more determinate amount of time, but yeah, the person who didn't have as much in the relationship deserves restitution for a period of time. R49, lies aren't gossip. He seemed to be a lovely, gentle, and intelligent man genuinely interested in the life experiences of another human being. She looks like a slob. Wishful thinking of Xphiles or true I wonder?

I guess questions are bad around here these days. Once you save your settings the first time you will receive a confirmation email. R72, if I read it correctly, David got on the show and Tea didn't. Nude lesbian women videos. You're a fucking nutbar and clearly emotionally unhinged, as shown by your hypocritical, megalomaniac outbursts over certain hookups.

Once upon a time, large mammals like Wooly Mammoths would stomp the snow, keeping everything beneath good and frozen. So whatever happened with the Sun,s attempts at finding her ex female lovers? Ellen and her then gf Anne Heche also famously appeared on Oprah discussing their relationship. Sometimes good posts get downvoted to zero - check out the new queue for posts that haven't made it to the front page.

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Her wife may have also influenced me a little. A celeb denying something means it can't be true. Sunny leone sexy nude pics. This will go on until my step dad retires. She can also be seen in Bad Santadefinitely looking exceptionally nice, yet naughty. R72, you sound brain damaged.

I listen to The Shadow. Yugioh mai naked I think it should be for a more determinate amount of time, but yeah, the person who didn't have as much in the relationship deserves restitution for a period of time. But it's better to do that when you haven't been with a load of women, many of whom have big careers to protect. It doesn't get more perfectly lez than that!

And why does she have to be broke to do it? Drunk or something else?


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